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Husen Rubber Products is a professional rubber parts designer & manufacturer. We have been developing and manufacturing rubber parts since 1988 and our customers are some of biggest names in automotive industry and electrical equipment. Shanghai is home to our manufacture and R&D center where we focus our expert’s attention to deliver high-quality and cost-competitive products.

Why should you consider Husen as your best choice in developing rubber products? Twenty years of experience have taught us some simple but important truths about helping our partners succeed:

  • The sweetness of low-price is lost in the bitterness of poor quality.
  • Many people can speak your language, but not everyone can understand your culture.
  • Our team blends Eastern and Western cultures to clearly understand and deliver on your requirements.
    We do what we say we do.
  • If we don’t take care of our customer, somebody else will.
  • Continuous improvement and cost reduction means you can trust our prices will remain competitive.
  • Our ability to continuously improve requires strong, stable, and open relationships & communication with our customers, suppliers, and 3rd party laboratories.

Husen Rubber Products would like to show you with our actions why we are your best partner in development and production of all your rubber parts.

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